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Hack-a-Shack: A 101 on Threats to Your Network

Hack-a-Shack: A 101 on Threats to Your Network

About our Topic:

Target. Home Depot. T-Mobile. Remember when these names on a list meant you were doing errands? Even worse – OPM. What do they all have in common, ancillary to being hacked? They have all had a “CNN Moment”. Nobody wants to be next, and it is not a question of “IF” you will be hacked, but “WHEN” and “HOW BADLY”. We can’t stop the “when”, but we can certainly minimize the “how badly”.
Many presentations TALK about hacking and compromise, but these only happen to other people. How many of them actually DEMONSTRATE one? This one does. And not just one, but two! This will show attendees how simple such an endeavor can be, and more importantly, how easy it is to fall victim to one.
Now to mitigate. Yes, you too can protect your network from Ransomware!!!! This presentation is also designed to outline the top security things that can be addressed RIGHT NOW, to determine and mitigate an environment’s attack surface, and ensure that you are not on CNN tomorrow for all the wrong reasons.

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