Mailing Address: 103-918 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB   T2M 0K3

Membership Information

Membership in CIC is open to anyone interested in joining and contributing to the organization. Regular meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.You are encouraged to attend and participate actively.

Membership dues for 2021:

  • Regular Members: $ 120.00 (Jan 01 – Dec 31)
  • Students with ID:   $   24.00 (Jan 01 – Dec 31)

Early Bird Renewals before December 31, 2020

  • Regular Member:
    • 1 year membership: $    90.00 (Jan 01, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021)
    • 2 year membership: $  160.00 (Jan 01, 2021 – Dec 31, 2022) NEW!
  • Students:
    • 1 year membership: $    18.00 (Jan 01, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021)
    • 2 year membership: $   30.00 (Jan 01, 2021 – Dec 31, 2022) NEW!
  • New Member:
    Please pay the selected membership from below plus the fee for December 2020, which is $10.00 for a new regular member or $2.00 for a new student member.

The organization has over 1800 members, and is working hard to become the leading IT community association in the greater Calgary Area. The organization currently has 40 paid-up members with the objective of reaching 75 members by Nov 30, 2020.  Members are primarily drawn from the IT Pro community and represent a cross-section of the industry in southern Alberta (IT consultants, contractors, system administrators, network engineers, system architects, entrepreneurs, etc.). Annual dues are $120.00 for regular members and $24.00 for student members pursuing full-time studies).

We are inviting applications from members of the legal profession willing to serve on our Board of Directors for a minimum two (2) year term.  The Board meets on a quarterly basis (typically 2-3 hours in length).  As well, Directors are expected to either chair or serve on at least one standing or ad hoc committee.  In the case of members of the legal profession, we anticipate Directors would be willing to either serve on (or chair) our Bylaw and Policy Development Committee.  Committee work will vary from 1-16 hours per month depending on nature and extent of committee agenda items.

There is no remuneration paid to external directors (i.e. directors not directly employed in the IT industry).  In consideration of their pro-bono contribution, membership dues for external directors will be waived.  External directors will be invited to attend all CIC’s social and technical events and they are eligible to receive all member benefits.  Upon completion of their term, external directors will receive formal acknowledgement from the association together with appropriate letters of recommendation to their employer or other designee.


To open the forms (PDF) please left-click once, to save them to your computer with a right-click and “save as”:

Here is our 2021 Membership Application form and this is our 2021 Membership Renewal form